What Should I Bring?

  • Be prepared to get a little messy. You will be creating works of art in large scale format directly on the asphalt surface with chalk pastels. Paper towels and handwipes are always a good idea.
  • Your team will be given a box of chalk pastels at registration however you may want to bring in extra colors of your own. Remember no acrylic paints, oil-based paints or oil-based pastels. You will have the option to also share your colors with other street painters. 
  • If you're recreating your drawing based on a grid you will want to bring measuring tools, masking tape and or chalk lines. Don't forget to bring a copy of your drawing/sketch. Take advantage of our Printable Grid For Your Drawing
  • When covering large areas we found it found it helpful to use paint brushes and cloth. Your finger tips will thank you. 
  • Bring extra towels or knee pads, something to kneel on when drawing.
  • Be prepared for working outside, pack plenty of sunscreen and water.
  • Bring a camera to document your amazing work and capture all the great memories you are going to create.